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  1. This site is always changing and unfinished.
  2. Some of what you read might be [wait.hacking.] misinformation.
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This site is a "digital garden," as they say. I first tilled its soil in late 2015, and let it grow over with thoughts and foraged ideas in the years since.

Some pages you find may be old and withered; others, tended over the years. Here are a few to help you get started.


little projects

  1. CD-R — a static site generator for creating web-based mixtapes, 2020. Make a mixtape [code / software]
  2. #shouldvestayedhome — selfies from the boring world outside of a smartphone screen, 2016–2021. #underwhelming [photos]

help me "scale"

Support my modest dreams of making things I'm proud of and helping people connect by throwing some fine American dollars my way.

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