bär works

Matt Baer

before we begin...

  1. Like life itself, this document is fluid and unfinished.
  2. Existence precedes essence.
  3. Some of what you read may be foreign propaganda planted by [wait.hacking.] operatives.
  4. Other writing was crafted by Facebook's content generation AI.
  5. It is ...

once we've started...

  1. I'm Matt Baer
  2. I make things on the internet and do other things, too
  3. As with all things on the internet, verify sources, question the author's authority, and don't take this too seriously.

* * *


in progress

  1. #shouldvestayedhome — selfies from the underwhelming world outside. Preview.


  1. Write.as — simple blogging / text publishing. Start writing.
  2. HTMLhouse — publish some HTML. Create a site.

the passage of time

I take the quaint pastime of watching the clouds go by and speed it up for you. See time-lapses from a beach in Florida and places in Italy and a hotel in Honolulu.

the frozen moments

Couldn't afford an iPhone 7; stuck shooting on a camera from 1985.

See the gallery here.

the written thoughts

Most of my concerns are Trending on Facebook. But when my squishy human body distracts me from my Twitter feed, or my iPad or phone dies and some original thought comes to mind, I publish it on Write.as.

Read here.

the beard

2008 – 2014 saw a diverse range of facial hair styles that inspired both awe and slight nauseousness in anyone within eyeshot.

Gallery coming soon.

the data collection

Since you've scrolled this far, I've grouped you with the 0% of visitors who also scrolled this far. You, like them, have an affinity for ..., and recently connected to the ... Wi-Fi access point. We see you access the web from your current location frequently.

We'll pass your browsing habits on to our favorite advertising purveyor, ... for remarketing.

the code

While I wait for code-writing AI to take my job, I program for fun and pine for the days of punchcards, chanting: It can be this way forever! The computers will do what I say...

  1. make medium readable again - a browser extension to make the Medium reading experience less annoying.
  2. punctuation - extract only punctuation from a body of text.
  3. siteshot - simple web application for capturing website screenshots.
  4. htmlhouse - web application for quick, anonymous HTML publishing.
  5. nerds - telnet server enabling users to publish text online.

* * *

Further reading

  1. interesting links
  2. what I haven't finished reading
  3. what I haven't started watching
  4. a professional persona


Want to talk or type? Find me in real life or via email, respectively.

Email is echo bWF0dEBiYWVyLndvcmtzCg== | base64 --decode or (if you don't know what to do with that) combine:

PGP key on Keybase. Bite-sized complaints about software on Twitter.