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Updated April 2022

I'm settling into my new home in Brooklyn, NY with my dog Holden, and loving it more than any place I've lived before. I'm spending a lot of time just enjoying the city and making new friends.

For fame and fortune To pay the rent, I'm still working on my small, 7-year-old software company, Musing Studio, building web publishing tools. Right now, I'm stuck between feeling a duty to grow my business and wanting to become more of an artist than an entrepreneur.


Outside a comfy job and a comfy city, my new home has me asking myself the existential questions I haven't asked in probably 10 years. Why am I doing what I'm doing? What do I want to spend my limited time on earth doing?

I'm finding it incredibly difficult to care enough about business and making more money than I need. Which is a funny place to be as a "CEO" and "entrepreneur." So I'm trying to figure out how to square my desire to plainly live with my need to make money to live.

I don't really have the answers yet. Fortunately, I'm in a comfortable enough financial spot that I have time to wander a bit and figure it out.


Perhaps I'm still feeling rosy from the move, but I can already see myself living here for a very long time. I've never felt so at home.

It's slowly getting warmer here, and the days longer. I'm appreciating the many gentle changes with the seasons I so rarely saw during my decade in north Florida.


I've been working less. Some days, not at all. By many measures, I'm a slacker right now, and I feel a little guilty for it. But I'm trying to prioritize customers over my own harebrained ideas, and everything is still moving along fine.

I'm trying not to take on any new major clients or demanding work. I'm taking my feelings about work as a sign that I need to step back a bit — maybe I'm a little burnt out or something — and I'll naturally pick things up again when I'm ready. In the meantime...


I've been writing more; I'm working on a poetry collection with the goal of getting it published. I've been regularly going to a weekly writing group in Bushwick, and have met some great people there.

I've been shooting film again, and hanging out with local photographers. There's so much inspiration to be found here, and I'm starting to shoot more seriously.

I've been playing the piano again, learning new pieces. I'd like to learn more improvisation and jazz techniques, so I hope to start taking lessons soon, instead of always learning on my own.


I'm reading The Dawn of Everything, and The Arts and the Creation of Mind, and various books I have sitting around.

This is a /now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.