baer head graphic What I'm doing now

Updated January 2022

I'm between moving from my 8-year home of Jacksonville, FL to Brooklyn, NY with my dog Holden. I'm still building my company, Musing Studio.

Moving to New York

Since I was 18 years old, and then as I saw more of the world, I saw that New York City is probably the best US city I could hope to be in, if I wanted to live among all kinds of people and enjoy dense city / car-less living.

Now, with the basic means and mobility job-wise to do it, I finally made the move. I started a lease in January, and now just need to tie up loose ends / sell all of my junk in Jacksonville, then I'll be in Brooklyn permanently.

Making a social space

I'm most excited to build, a sort of old Web / open Web social network.

It's going to be funky. It's making me work every creative muscle in my body, so it's been incredibly satisfying to build. I hope to launch that this month.

Painting, drawing, making music

It's been a while since I made things just for the sake of making them, and I'm trying to get into the habit again.


I always flit between different books, but this week I'm reading The Creative Gene by Hideo Kojima.


I'm tweeting a lot about "web3" as bad marketing, poking fun at it with, and otherwise writing personal essays on my blog and microblog.


Animal Crossing is a nice way to unwind these days, as is Ghost of Tsushima. Lord Huron's latest album often plays in my head and on my stereo. I became a Hype Machine supporter so I can find more unknown music when I have the time.


This is a /now page, inspired by Derek Sivers.